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Makeup Bootcamp

By far our most popular course, this is held in Dublin city centre. This course aims to de-mystify makeup. To teach you how to create new looks. To show you just how to use the products you've got. To give you confidence to march right up to a Sales Assistant and come away with exactly what you need! This course is unique in that it teaches you how to apply makeup to your own face, not how to apply makeup to your friends' faces! It shows you how to make yourself look more youthful, camouflage tiredness and hangovers, do basic understated makeup, day-to-night makeup, glamour/event makeup... it's a brilliant all-round grounding and you'll leave with loads of new makeup looks that you will have mastered, and a complete understanding of every single makeup product there is. Plus, it's a lot of fun!

1 night a week for 6 weeks; €400; 8 people max

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Makeup Parties

Have fun on your hen night! Instead of learning to make cocktails, drink them while you learn how to apply makeup - a skill you will have for life! We can teach you a glamourous smokey eye, complete with lashes, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Bring your own products and tools, we'll show you how to use them. Alternatively available as a makeover package.

1 night (€50/head) or 1 weekend (€150/head)

Makeup One-on-Ones

Tell us what you want to know and we'll show you how you do it! Makeup one-on-ones are highly focused, tailored and intensive. Additionally, you will have the option of purchasing any of the products that you have used at a discount.

1.5 hours; €100

Training for Makeup Artists

For aspiring makeup artists, we offer beginners, intermediate and advanced training in products, tools and techniques. These classes can cater for individuals or small groups.



Before participating in the Makeup For Dolls Bootcamp, I was pretty clueless about makeup. I usually wore none, and kept coverage to a minimum on the occasions where I did feel obliged to wear it. I didn't like buying makeup, feeling that I was being hoodwinked into buying products that I didn't really know how to use. Since participating in the course however, I actually enjoy putting makeup on, and trying out new products. I feel that I know what I'm doing and what suits my face and am far more confident trying out new looks. The reactions I've gotten from boyfriend/friends/family are hugely encouraging also. I can't count the amount of time someone told me I've huge eyes over the Christmas holidays, and for the first time in my life people are asking me for makeup advice! I really highly recommend the Bootcamp course at Makeup For Dolls to anyone who asks!! Karen

I knew absolutely nothing about makeup especially eye makeup or how to make the most of my small brown eyes with short lashes. I took the Bootcamp classes and am delighted and suprised with all that I learned as I never knew small tricks could make such a difference to my face. I can now create a sultry smoky eye for nighttime or a subtle polished eye for daytime. I know how to use eye makeup and how to create different looks which is a big thing for me!!! The other thing is that with a small baby I thought that I would never have the time to bother with eye makeup but I was really surprised at how quick it can be when you know what to do. Spending a little bit of time on my eyes helps me feel like I'm treating myself a small bit and reminds me that I'm me as well as a Mum. Loved the class and picked up a lot to help me make the most of myself.


I really enjoyed Bootcamp and especially I loved learning how to create a smokey eye. The course takes you right from the absolute basics all the way up to full-on glamour looks. For the smokey eye we were shown three different methods. Before the lessons I didn't have a clue what the different brushes were for and now I know!! It's all not as complicated as I thought. I am now more confident in using the make-up I have and know what to buy when I need to. I am really surprised to see how quickly and easily I can transform my eyes! I highly recommend this course. You will learn lots and pick up many handy tips!


I would like to thank make up dolls for a wonderful make up course. I really got so much from it. I will recommend this course to all my friends. I love the fact it was catered towards your own personal make up and I loved how the class sizes were really small so it felt like a one to one basis. I hope to attend another one of your classes very soon. All the best!!!


Like most girls, I really just wanted to know how to do a smokey eye, and a few other different looks, apart from the usual (either: not much makeup or just foundation). I also wasn't 100% sure what correct foundation to be using for my skin tone. After taking the Bootcamp class I now know all of this and I can now do a fool-proof (and quick!) smokey eye look that is sophisticated and smouldering, a massive improvement on my previous garish attempts! The classes are taught in a very easy-to-understand step-by-step manner which was a relief because my make-up knowledge was quite basic. I have the confidence now to experiment with different looks, colours & products that I wouldn't have considered before because any questions I had about them were answered in the class. Aside from all I learned, the class was great fun. And I'm still having fun with it! Highly recommended!!


The Bootcamp has been amazing! Thank you for helping me understand and use foundation, correctors and concealers properly. It has been nothing short of a relevation! To think that a few dabs of a brush, or my ring finger with these products can make such a difference is absolutely amazing. I no longer have uneven skin or dark circles or red under my eyes. Thank you for showing me how to use the products that I already have in my makeup arsenal. They've received a new lease of life and it just goes to show that sometimes, especially in these recessionary times, we already have what we need!


Thank you Makeup for Dolls I had just a fantastic time at Bootcamp, not only was it total fun but I learned so much about different products and application. My favourite has to be the smokey eye. I wish the classes were not over! But will be keeping an eye on your page and blog to keep updated with all the latest products and trends. I am sure the next group of Dolls will LOVE LOVE LOVE Bootcamp xxxx